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Ruckus ICX 7150 wifi network and ethernet connection cycles on and off at irregular intervals

New Contributor II

I first noticed on Wednesday July 19, 2023 that my internet via wi-fi and ethernet connection would cycle off then back on again. I work from home so it was pretty obvious when this would happen.

This would happen sometimes a couple times in an hour and sometimes it would be over two (2) hours between cycles.

After updating the firmware on the Century Link modem, I realized it was the Ruckus that was intermittently causing the internet outage. 

I have unplugged both the modem and Ruckus several times on July 19 and today (July 20) and the internet outage continues at seemingly random time.

I found the IP address to my Ruckus and have logged into the Unleashed app using that IP address as the destination. What can I do next to fix this?


I have been following along on the thread "Ruckus Switch keep rebooting causing wifi disapper" created by user "saurabhk01". We seem to have the same issue. 


New Contributor

I have the same issue.  It started yesterday, July 19th.  I have not tried to update any software.  I have not done anything to my Ruckus since installed 3 years ago.

New Contributor II

I did not experience anymore internet cycling on July 21 even though all I had done nothing more. But, just to be safe, I did use the IP address for the Ruckus ICX 7150 to login to Unleashed and update the firmware. I have still not had any internet cycling since July 20.