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Ruckus CLI Finding IPs of remote devices

New Contributor


I'm working on a N3048 and trying to find remote devices IPs but as it doesn't have cdp, only lldp I try a few different ways but can't find IPs of connected devices.

What would be the best way to do so if it is possible?

Thank you,


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello Applewaffle, 


Thank you for reaching out,
From what I could check. N3048 is a Dell Switch, and you are trying to find the peers connecting off of the switch. 
Via LLDP, you would be able to only discover devices capable of responding over LLDP. Like Switches, APs etc.

You could try an Scan the network using various tools that are available that should be able to help you with IP information.

However, Could you let us know if there are Ruckus ICX/AP units connected to the Dell Switch ?
If yes, APs should turn up on the LLDP table on the switch, as for switches for on some older revision of code you may have to enable LLDP by the following commands on CLI:

> en
#conf t
#lldp run
#wr mem


Do let us know if the details helped !!

- Joshua



also, an ip address - while frequently provided - is not a requirement in base lldp specs.
while the chassis-id tlv can contain an address (ipv4 or 6), it can also contain other values (see LLDP-V2-TC-MIB), the management adress tlv is not required to be sent.