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Router Mode vs Switch Mode

New Contributor III
How do I easily change the 7650 from Switch mode to Router Mode in the beginning

Contributor III
Hi Jeff,

In config mode always keep the secondary as the boot image using command "boot system flash secondary", this makes the secondary that is routing image as the default boot image another one is flash the primary image to have the router image too.

Hope it helps!!!

Abilash PR

So in config mode just the command "boot system flash secondary" will do the trick? Thank you so much for your reply and help. 

It will if your secondary is router code. I only have older models and none of them were configured the way Jeff mentioned buy who knows. Do a "show flash" and see if your file(s) start with S or R.

Yeah I know the show flash. I have done it before but it just seamed complicated and thought there had to be an easier way. I appreciate the help. I will be trying it tomorrow.