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Radius Message from NPS

New Contributor

I've got a Wired 802.1x implementation with a ruckus switch as the Radius client and a Microsoft NPS acting as the Radius server.

The below config line on the switch is the one causing me a lot of grief and I see a constant error showing up on Event Viewer on my NPS.


radius-server host auth-port 1812 acct-port 1813 default key Mykeyrds dot1x


Error on NPS: A RADIUS message with the Code field set to 12, which is not valid, was received on port 1813 from RADIUS client My ICX switch. Valid values of the RADIUS Code field are documented in RFC 2865.

Switch ICX 7150 version is 09.0.10c


How do I stop the switch from sending the Code field 12 thing to my NPS???


New Contributor

We've got exactly the same issue on ICX7150's on Ruckus One with SPS09010h_cd2 firmware.

Any help here please Ruckus?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Ingatel

Thank you for reaching us 

If the query is only with respect to code field set to 12 error received and there is no issue noticed then as per RFC its a experimental feature and should not cause any impact. 

Code 12 and 13 as per RFC is experimental. Code 12 field maps to status-server(experimental).

The only code field which would be important would be Access-Request, Access-Accept, Access-Reject and Access-Challenge (Codes 1, 2, 3, and 11) and Accounting-Request and Accounting-Response packets (Codes 4 and 5). 

Link referred : 

Status-Server packets are sent by a RADIUS client to a RADIUS server in order to test the status of that server and should not cause a problem. 

For now there is no available command in the switch which could help disable them but there would be no issue noticed with respect to traffic in the network.

Let me know if this helps address your concern


Hi Chandini,

The problem is that the Windows Server 2019 event viewer fills up with these errors.

Is there any plan to implement a command later that resolves by disabling code 12?

Is there also a way to filter it in the NPS so that it is not detected as an error?

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Ingatel

Ack and Thank you for reaching us 

Let me check about this with the team for 9010 version code. I'll post here once I have a update.