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R510 AP and ICX 7150 - APs shutdown and do not power back on

New Contributor III
Here is my setup:
Comporium Zipstream Gigabit fiber main box gets Ethernet from junction box in garage.

The comporium box hands out dhcp addresses and has two built in wifi (2 and 5 GHz) networks enabled.

Lan out of the comporium box goes to the ICX7150 which is connected to two R510s running via POE.  Separate SSID is on the APs

I noticed the AP SSID was dropping, I went to look at the APs and sure enough no lights whatsoever.

So I pulled the plug on the ICX and waited a few minutes and plugged it back in.  

After around 4 minutes the APs come back online, but then after a short time, all the lights go out again and the only thing I can do is pull the plug and power cycle the ICX.

I was able to update unleashed to the 200.6 (latest version I believe).

Beyond what I'm doing I am a bit new to the whole AP \ switch configuration world.

Any ideas as to what is causing this and what my next steps should be?

Contributor II
It shouldn't be losing power..  can you try a different Ethernet cable?  could be shorting.  or even a different port on the switch?
when it's up, can you run 'show inline power' to see the power draw and PoE class assigned to the AP-port?
What version of firmware are you running on the ICX?  i think the current recommendation is 8.0.70c which might help.
Can you try some of these and let us know how it goes?  Since they are both going offline (do i have that right?) its not likely a faulty AP.

New Contributor III
Wasn't sure if all ports on the switch handle PoE, I can certainly try that.  Question, does anyone know if the ICX will even hand out DHCP addresses?  Was thinking maybe it is conflicting...

Also on the unleashed app I noticed that the AP detected "Rouge" SSID (which was my comporium wifi with different SSID)

Any of the ports can provide PoE..  i just suggested using different ones in case there was something wrong with the physical port.  I've seen environments that were not dry cause some corrosion, or there could be physical damage...  just trying to rule it out.
And yes, it CAN provide DHCP, but you need to actually configure and enable it so it is most certainly not something on by default.
Rogue would be another WLAN that ties back to the same network..  so makes sense but not a problem.  i have several rogues in my lab... 🙂

hmm... the "media closet" is in the laundry room.  I wonder if that could be the case.  Not sure if other ports are powered out of the box though, and still trying to learn how to piece all this together to re-initialize everything