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Power off-on and no home internet. Is the ICX switch is working properly? access points no lights on

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The power was turned off and then on. After that there is no home internet. Unsure if the ICX switch is working properly. The access points do not have any lights on - signaling they are not getting any power via the PoE maybe?

The ICX7150 C12p switch has PWR = green and the SYST = amber light. The panel for "STATUS" led lights shows nothing. And the access points have no lights on - guessing they are not receiving any PoE. Please help. 

Attached is a picture. ICX 7150 c12p switch LEDs.jpg


Hi @aalvarez6 

The problem has been resolved. Both access points are working fine and I have the same home WiFi back.

I could understand from your message that maybe the APs were not getting power and/or not getting enough power for them to operate.

I used my web browser to login to the ICX 7150 switch and changed / updated the following settings. 

Inline Power.png

Once that is done, the R510 access points got the power they needed and everything was back to normal. As you can see from below.

02 R510 Access Points getting the power they need.png

03 R510 Access Points getting power - Inline Power Details.png

So to summarize, the overall solution was to:
1. Download the ICX 7150 software from[Software%20Download...

I downloaded the version 08090d.

2. Took my personal 2 GB USB drive -> formatted it to FAT32 -> copied the boot code file mnz10115.bin, and the  image file SPS08090dufi.bin onto it.

3. Consoled into the ICX 7150 switch using any USB-C to USB cable (I used my phone charger cable).  Used PuTTY software and for me it was COM3 port. 

4. Plugged the USB drive into the USB port available on the ICX 7150 switch.

5. Followed the steps from this article to load the image to both primary and secondary and then reboot:

6. This restored the ICX 7150 switch to being operational. I was able to use my web browser to connect to the ICX switch.

7. I also connected my laptop to any of the 12 Ethernet ports of the ICX switch using a LAN cable. And found that my laptop got an IP and was able to access the internet with no issues.

8. But the two R150 access points were not powering up. The PWR led was blinking red slowly.

9. Used the Web Browser login to the ICX 7150 switch and found that the Inline Power was "disabled". Enabled it as per the snippet shared earlier.

10. After sometime both access points were alive, connected and was transmitting / receiving.


Thank you so much!


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RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Sumanta, 

I'm glad that everything is working fine after all the changes you applied!
Thank you for using our forum and for explaining what you did to fix the issue, please feel free to reach us if more assistance is needed. 

Best Regards,

Ayleth Alvarez | Sr Technical Support Engineer | TAC Wired 

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Thanks to you @aalvarez6  and @Nidhihegde  for guiding me on the right path! Sincerely appreciate your support.