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ICX 7150 c12p

New Contributor

ICX7150 C12P power is green but the Syst is amber. No power in all APs. Did reset with the ICX7150C12P by unplugging the power cord and using the reset button. Still the Syst color is amber, no power on the APs. Please assist. 

Best regards


RUCKUS Team Member


As Syst LED is amber, might be device is booting up or has stopped at the booting stage.

Could you, please confirm if device is stuck at the boot stage and have console access to ICX unit.

If it is stuck then please find the below link for a software recovery process.

Moving Forward If this issue still not resolved , Please log a ticket with the below link so that we will help you to proceed further.

I hope this information helps you

Please feel free to leave us a message if any concerns


The issue persisted. The recovery process appears for Window user. Im on MacBook. I dont see the the prompts to type the necessary command. I would appreciate if someone can walk me through the process. Thanks in advance.

RUCKUS Team Member


Please find the below steps for a ICX Unit console access on MacBook

1-Install the drivers on your machine to read the cable type C to console the switch ( ICX-7150-C12P )




vcp drivers.png


2-After successfully installing the Mac Drivers, open the Mac terminal, when you see the command prompt do the following:

Enter this command:

ls /dev/cu.*

This command will display something like this:

One of those logs will say something similar to /dev/cu.SiLabs_Serial (which is related to the drivers you installed)

3-Then enter the following command using the name of the installed driver that was displayed:

screen /dev/cu.SiLabs_Serial 9600

4-Hit Enter and you will have access to the ICX7150’s CLI. (Command Line)