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OSPF Issue ICX7450

New Contributor III

Hello, we have 2 ICX7450 in stack. We have enabled OSPF process. I see LSA in ospf database, but there are no routes in Routing table. What can be issue? 

Version of software is SPR09010d. OSPF Neighbor is Cisco Router.



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Asdasdas

Thank you for reaching us

  • Could you please let me know if this is a new setup or existing network ?
  • Is OSPF neighbourship forming with CISCO router or do a see a error in logging details or neighbourship information on the ICX switch ?
  • Are specific routes not leant or all routes which has to be learnt from CISCO switch using OSPF not learnt ?

If this is a new setup would suggest to upgrade the switch to latest version 9010j_cd2 and then test.


New Contributor III

Thanks @Chandini for your reply.

We have 2 Cisco Routers ISR4000 (For Failover) connected and established OSPF neighborship with this ICX7450. R2 - is main router and R1 - is standby, all routes are the same from both Routers. When R2 is running, then all routes exists is ICX7450 Routing table, but when for some reasons (for example, ISP issue) R1 became active, routes are gone from ICX7450... 

New Contributor III

Some routes are not learn, this is not new setup 

New Contributor III

Peer between ICX7450 and routers are Point-to-Point (ospf network type), Area 1 (Router 1) and Area 2 (Router 2). Such config works on ICX7250 (SPR08090mc) in another office. 

Also there is another device which has established ospf peering with these 2 routers and in case of failover it works good.  Issue is just with ICX7450.