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Loop on access sw is Affecting distribution switch uplink

New Contributor


we have a branch office  ( 2  Avaya  ERS4826GTS-pwr+ in stack) connected to our HQ .

here the Toplogy 

HQ -----Avaya  ERS4826GTS-pwr+ in stack 1/25---------VLAN238-------1/2/8    ICX7250-24P in stack 

             Avaya  ERS4826GTS-pwr+in stack 2/25--------VLAN238----------2/2/8    ICX7250-24P in stack 


ICX7250-24P in stack1/2/26---------VLAN238-----1/2/1 ICX7250-24P  -------VLAN 237

                                                                                                             ------VLAN 80

                                                                                                             ------VLAN 238


we have multiple loop issue on VLAN 237  but the problem is that UPLINK on Avaya  ERS4826GTS-pwr to HQ goes down  due to this loop !

can you PLease help preventing the loop to affect the Avaya ERS4826GTS as it put down all the site 




RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Amir2019

Thank you for reaching us. 

Could you please help me with below details

  1. Could you help us with output of "show version" ?
  2. When you mean you are seeing loop on access switch is that being received from a end device or could you help us with more details which makes you map the problem to be a loop Issue on access switch ?
  3. Are you seeing a specific logs from "show logging" which says more about the issue you are seeing ?

Below are few links you can refer and they help address loop related issues in the network. 

Configuring RSTP (802.1w) and Spanning Tree Best Practices on ICX Switches

How to Enable Loose Loop Detection on ICX


New Contributor III

can you perhaps also add a network diagram? it's not clear to me why vlan 237 loops on your avaya's when i don't even see how it's arriving there.
or are the icx devices flooding traffic to all ports during a loop and overloading the avaya's? while not ideal you can use storm control to err-disable the ports until you figure out the loop.