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Inter-VRF routing on singular Router

New Contributor

Hi, I have a ICX-7450 stack with 5 members running L3 Code with L3-prem license.

I have a default VRF on  VE1 (VLAN 1) and a Non-default VRF on VE 200 (VLAN 200)

I want to allow traffic between VLAN 1 Networks and VLAN 200 Networks :

config excpert:

vlan 1 name DEFAULT by port
 router-interface ve 1
 spanning-tree 802-1w

vlan 200 name clientx by port
 ### Here would be the tagged ports
 router-interface ve 200
 spanning-tree 802-1w

vrf clientx
 rd 11:11
 ip router-id
 address-family ipv4
 ip route
 ip route ve 1

ip router-id
ip route
ip route ve 200

interface ve 1
 ip address

interface ve 200
 vrf forwarding clientx
 ip address

I just want clients from the default vrf ( to be able to communicate with the clientx vrf (
Documentation is telling me that VRF Route leaking works by selecting the respective exit interface of the vrf but it doesn't work. Clients cannot reach each other.

I think I am dumb, in cisco I would just use the "import maps" but this is my first time vrf on Ruckus.

(please note: Networks are changed and very simplified in this example, each vrf has more routes which the other side should not see. I only specified the one network which we want inter-Vrf connectivity . This L3 Router is also the gateway for the cleints in their respective vlans.)


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi S4mrai

Thank you for reaching us.

You can post the query here. I will try my best to help you. So is the issue related to DHCP this time ?

Could you help me with more details about the issue you are seeing ?