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Inter-VRF routing on singular Router

New Contributor

Hi, I have a ICX-7450 stack with 5 members running L3 Code with L3-prem license.

I have a default VRF on  VE1 (VLAN 1) and a Non-default VRF on VE 200 (VLAN 200)

I want to allow traffic between VLAN 1 Networks and VLAN 200 Networks :

config excpert:

vlan 1 name DEFAULT by port
 router-interface ve 1
 spanning-tree 802-1w

vlan 200 name clientx by port
 ### Here would be the tagged ports
 router-interface ve 200
 spanning-tree 802-1w

vrf clientx
 rd 11:11
 ip router-id
 address-family ipv4
 ip route
 ip route ve 1

ip router-id
ip route
ip route ve 200

interface ve 1
 ip address

interface ve 200
 vrf forwarding clientx
 ip address

I just want clients from the default vrf ( to be able to communicate with the clientx vrf (
Documentation is telling me that VRF Route leaking works by selecting the respective exit interface of the vrf but it doesn't work. Clients cannot reach each other.

I think I am dumb, in cisco I would just use the "import maps" but this is my first time vrf on Ruckus.

(please note: Networks are changed and very simplified in this example, each vrf has more routes which the other side should not see. I only specified the one network which we want inter-Vrf connectivity . This L3 Router is also the gateway for the cleints in their respective vlans.)


Hello I cannot move this in production interface to a different vrf. wouldn't this also mean that both interfaces share the same routing table completely ?

The Setup is:
Firewall1  int 1 ->  ICX1 (Gateway-default) ve 1       default VRF  Multiple Subnets 
Firewall1 int 30 -> ICX1 (Gateway-clientx ) ve 200   clientx VRF  Multiple Subnets

We need to reach one of the default subnets from clientx via the ICX Gateway and Vice versa. Routing these Subnets trough the Firewall is not an option.

We also do not want to have both Interfaces in the same VRF and then block access wiith a ACL because we need those Subnets to enter the Firewall in a seperate Interface and then we'd have to use ACL-Policybased Routing

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi S4mrai

Thank you for reaching us

You are correct they will fall in same routing table. I wanted to see when they are part of same routing table if the ping is reachable or no because the two routes do display in the routing table in earlier output you shared. 

In case this is a production network I would not recommend the change. I would request you to log a case using the below link as this may need further tests and may require you to share more details.


I solved part of it:

I cleared all vrf and arp wih the "clear" command.

since then L3 Communication works, I can ping between the leaked routes subnets as intended.

Only issue now is: broadcasts are not relayed altough I have an ip helper configured as well as directed broadcasts and I allowed ip forwarding for bootpc and bootps.
Do you want me to post my config here or should I close this and open a new thread ?

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi S4mrai, 

Adding to the post, the  directed-broadcast and UDP forwarding is probably not best in case of dhcp. 
Here best approach would be to use relay/dhcp-relay on L3 interfaces. 
But if the DHCP has to cross the vrf's, then similar route provisioning with relay/dhcp-helper  should help. 
As relay/dhcp-helper would convert the broadcast of the DHCP to unicast and direct it to the server and with route provisioning it should help cross the VRFs. 

Let us know if the bits help ! 



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi S4mrai,

Adding to the post. As this is a new setup you need to test it out before moving it into production.

In order to check the network flow I would suggest you check out the configuration first to achieve the Baseline. 

For VRF Related Configuration you can refer to the below link for your reference:


You can also refer to the below short video link for your reference:






Since the issue is also related to the DHCP you can refer to the below link for your reference:


Below link for IP HELPER ADDRESS :


Moving Forward If this issue is not resolved, Please log a ticket with the below link so that we can help you further.


I hope this information helps you


Please feel free to leave us a message if any concerns