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ICX8200 / ICX7150 switches show offline in SmartZone on regular basis

New Contributor III

Did anyone had an issue where switches would show offline in SmartZone while actually being online/reachable on the network?

When this happens I delete the "offline" switch, it appears in default SW group as online and I add it back to the relevant group. All switches and SmartZone are in the same physical local network, no remote connection to SZ etc.
This happens to a few switches a week so quite frequent and annoying.

Can anyone advise?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Dawidku

Thank you for reaching us

When you notice the switches show offline on the SmartZone check the below details from the switch. 

  • Show sz status
  • Show sz logs 
  • Show logging 

You can try the below commands to check if that helps resolving the problem from switch side

  • manager connect 
  • manager reset

If you still see the problem occurring then If the State in "show sz status" is connected then please log a case with SmartZone and if you see that the State is in Query or Init then please log a case with switch serial number. 

Please use the below link to log a case with us.

I hope this helps


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