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New Contributor

I have switch: Brocade Ruckus Wireless, Inc. ICX8200-24P-POE, IronWare Version 10.0.00T253

I have to save all configuration information to the flash via  SNMP request.

I think I have to execute the following commands:
[xxx@xxx]# snmpset -v2c -c RWcommunity swIPv4address i 3 - for save all configuration to the flash. ( according to page 111)

But I have the following results:
[xxx@xxx]# snmpset -v2c -c RWcommunity swIPv4address i 3 - This changes the oid status from 0 to 3 and keeps the status 3 all the time. ( I think iod should change status depending of progress status 3->4->1 or (2) as in the document) 

Is it normal? or did I do something wrong?

Please help me figure it out.



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Serhii

Thank you for reaching us. 

I ran through 10.0.10 MIB reference guide and I suppose below is the OID you mentioned above. 


I did try to run a quick test in Lab but I am getting a timeout error and I am unable to view any details being populated for this OID

Could you please log a case with us using the below link. I suppose we may need your help with more data from the switch to analyze the issue you are seeing.