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ICX7650 switch image to router image upgrade issue

New Contributor III

We loaded image 10.0.10a on a core ICX7650 single unit switch (originally running version 08095j ), upgrade was successful and all settings converted OK from switch to router however most of the connected access switches (Ruckus, Cisco) lost connectivity after the upgrade.

Eventually restarting the core ICX7650 switch all returned to normal but seems like an additional reboot is required after firmware upgrade.

Did anyone else experience this kind of behaviour during upgrade?

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Hey @dawidku 

I just wanted to be as transparent and straightforward with you as possible. We put those code recommendations out on the support portal to put our customers in the best position possible. Again, you can certainly run 10.0.10a and it is surely supported. If I am being blunt, downgrade is going to be quite a pain, so you will may want to assess and decide if it is worth the hassle for you. There will not be a nice, automated way to do this via SZ due to all the syntax differences, but you should be able to pull your old 8095 configuration from there (Network > Switches > Configuration Restore > Config Download).

From there, you would need to do something like this:

*Load 8095J router image (TNR08095jufi.bin) to flash (copy tftp flash <tftp-serv-ip> TNR08095jufi.bin primary)

*Copy your 8095 backup configuration to *startup* config from CLI (copy tftp startup-config <tftp-serv-ip> <startupfilename>)

Do ***not*** wr mem or you would overwrite the copied the startup config

*reload into 8095 image and startup config

If you do decide to stick with 10.x, I would just recommend upgrading patch by patch as they release. Each patch will bring some additional stability. 


Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer

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An extra reboot should not be required, so something may have been amiss on that first boot. Is there any reason you selected 10.0.10a as a software version for your 7650? At this moment, we are only recommending 10.x for ICX8200 devices. Please see this post regarding recommended software.



Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer

New Contributor III

We have all the remaining switches ICX8200 series running 10.0.10a... also SmartZone firmware upgrade allowed me to push this version so I went ahead with it.
Are you saying we should now downgrade ICX7650 to 8.0.95j router image?
What are the implications of running 10.0.10a on ICX7650?

Hey @dawidku 

Downgrading to 8.x will be painful unless you have a backup configuration handy to restore. If you just downgrade with a 10.x configuration, much of the configuration will not parse due to many syntax changes.

Generally speaking, we recommend the most mature, active code stream that contains the features you need. 10.x is just very new and does not have the maturity of other active code streams. You are certainly free to run it, but officially speaking, it is not the recommendation for any 7xxx series switches. 

Hopefully that helps shed some light!


Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer

New Contributor III

Really not what I was hoping to hear... 😫
So we have a config backup on SmartZone from the original 8.0.95j switch image.
What would be the best procedure to change the firmware to 8.0.95j router image?
We have following versions on a switch at the moment:

Compressed Pri Code size = 74568812, Version:10.0.10aT233 (TNR10010a.bin)
Compressed Sec Code size = 60796792, Version:08.0.95jT231 (TNS08095j.bin)