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POE Switches not giving Power

New Contributor

My 7150 is working and lights are on ports except for it's not giving POE to wap and others. I've reset the Waps and done all the troubleshooting what are my options at this point?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Fdot21

Thank you for reaching us

Could you please let me know if you are from Lennar Homes ? 

Would you be able to connect a PoE device on one of the switch ports and please let us know on which port PoE device is connected and help us with below outputs. 

  • show inline power
  • show poe detail
  • show poe debug-info <port number of interface where the PoE device is connected>


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Fdot21,

Are you facing the problem with multiple switches. If yes,
how many switches are impacted by the problem.

Does the switches are stacked up or they are standalone switches.

Is it the first time you are using poe feature on the devices? If not
What is the trigger for the problem? What was the event performed before the problem started?

Are you facing the problem with all the ports on the switches or any specific ports are impacted by the problem?

What are the end devices connected on the switch ports that are utilizing poe power?

Kindly help us with below comamnd outputs
-show version
-show chassis
-show inline power
-show inline power detail
-show inline power detail debug-info
-show inline power emesg 1 ( if you have stack you need to specify the unit ID 2,3,4 etc)
-show inline power debug-info ethernet x/x/x ( you can choose 2 interfaces where PoE are connected)
-show poe debug-info <port number of interface where the PoE device is connected>
-show inline power emesg


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