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ICX7150 no power at all after power outage

New Contributor

My icx 7150-c12p does not show any lights in status bar, no ports have lights after connecting on outlet. While connecting the outlet once the yellow amber lights are blinking but after that like dead. have tried other power outlets and power cable unit is not getting power, seems like power supply is bad. It started after power outage. May need to be replacement. Please all the suggestions are appreciated . 
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RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Nckharel ,

Thank you for posting you query !!!

I understand that ICX 7150-C12P not powering on and you have also tried to change power outlets and power cable as troubleshooting steps but no luck.

Please log a ticket with the below link so that we will help you to process RMA

I hope this information helps you

Please feel free to leave us a message if any concerns .

Hi Mayank,

good morning 

my problem is still there. No one help me out, always I got the replay back reset and reboot the device, but there is no power after I reconnect the device on power outlet. It just turn once all the amber lights and device has no response any lights and signal. How do I reset and reboot the device. Yesterday I got email back from IMRAN  he send me link same link for reset and reboot the device. I try multiple times for resetting the device nothing comes up still same no power on device. Always once amber light blink after that no response. I send some pictures on previous emails. I am pretty much sure need to replacement the device.

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RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Nckharel 

I see that you are creating multiple posts . Please note that revert back and work with Imran in the below link only 

Active link: 

He has advised to to reply in same post to avoid confusion. Except the above link which you can use to revert and get your issue fixed . Please do not revert on other links which are created for the same issue. Other links created below will be closed to avoid confusion. Thanks 

Closed link: 

Please work with Imran in the post link mentioned above as "Active link" also please note every post you cerate in Lennar is like a case to them and multiple posts will create lot of confusion. So requesting you to only work on link mentioned as "Active link" to communicate further and resolve the issue you are currently facing. Please share the details requested by Imran to further isolate and follow the next steps. Thanks