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ICX7150 Switch Upgrade issue - tftp out of buffer space error

New Contributor

Hi Team,

we are facing an issue with ICX7150 switch upgrade. After clicking the "Copy from Server to Flash" option, it is showing the error "TFTP out of buffer space error". We have files in flash. The switch boot sequence is from Secondary. How to get rid of this error. Any possibility to free up space in flash.

is it a solution to erase files in Primary or do you have any other recommendation ?

Please help on this.

Thanks & Regards



RUCKUS Team Member


Thank you for posting your query !!!

I understand facing an issue with ICX7150 switch upgrade.

Based on your description, the error "TFTP out of buffer space" means that the file is larger than the amount of room on the device or TFTP server.

If you are copying an image file to flash, first copy the other image to your TFTP server, then delete it from flash.

To erase the image please enter the command erase flash CLI command from the privileged exec model to erase the image in the flash.

Also for erasing the flash you can refer to the below link for your reference :

Also as you are copying a configuration file to flash, edit the file to remove unnecessary information, then try again.

I have a question for you here :

>What is you current firmware version and your target firmware version ?

1>Have you tried to upgrade via USB method if not can you give it a try as shown below :

Sharing the instructions for the USB update method.

For the USB method : you need to have the drive formatted to FAT32 : and have the files loaded on there.
Once you have the file loaded on the usb stick and it is connected to the switch
In enable prompt :
mount disk0 > to mount the drive .
show files disk0 > to check the files on the drive.
This will tell if the switch can read from the device or not

To Copy The Files :
Copy Disk0 Flash < File Name > < Location > [ Here We Had Used Bootrom And Secondary ]
Copy Flash Flash Primary [ To Copy The Code From Secondary To Primary Sector ]
To Check :
Show Version
Show Files Disk0
Show Flash
To Boot Up :
Boot System Flash Secondary [ As We Had Loaded The Code Here ]

2>Are you a Lennar Homes customer ?

3>Have disabled the Firewall on the PC where tftp sever is located, If not can you give it a try ?

Please let us know how it goes.

Moving Forward If this issue is not resolved , Please log a ticket with the below link so that we will help you further.

I hope this information helps you

Please feel free to leave us a message if any concerns

Note: Please feel free to mark the post as ACCEPTED SOLUTIONS if its addressed your query.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Adit

Thank you for reaching us.

With regard to upgrade procedure if you are on site I would recommend USB upgrade method. This method is easy and quick as the USB drive is directly connected to USB port of the switch. You can refer the details mentioned in previous post and I have mentioned a link below for reference.

With regard to TFTP upgrade it is better to have the device in the network of the customer. When trying to upgrade from remote the process would be really slow and may timeout. 

I hope this helps


New Contributor II

I am experiencing the same issue as the original poster.  I have consoled into the switch and have run the following commands:

erase flash primary

erase flash secondary

erase startup-config

Continue to receive the error "Status : TFTP out of buffer space error."

Currently running "SW: Version 08.0.95kT211"

Trying to upgrade to 08.0.95m.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.  I have normally performed this using CLI but today it's more convenient to try it with the GUI.  I am on the same network as the switch.

I am a Lennar user if that should make a difference.