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ICX7150-C12 switch no connected devices

New Contributor III

Rukus APs shows online and my switch showing disconnected. Unleashed system only supports ICX firmware version 08.0.90 or later. AND Failed to ping ICX Suggest checking the network.

Windows laptop connecting to APs and working internet too but not in Iphone/MacBook or Smart TV. Can anyone experienced this issue and how to solve the issue.


New Contributor

I'm currently experiencing the same problem

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No guided and informed answer

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I have been also experiencing the same problem for the past several months. The switch shows disconnected from the router yet the APs work. Internet is not stable through APs. Big headache. All answers I searched doesn't provide step by step solution for the general customer.

I want to update the switch through unleashed management portal. The update fails. 

What is the best way to get help on this issue?

New Contributor II

Hi, I am also experiencing the same problem. Below is the screen shot, the switch is failing to register and is not available to reach unleashed network. Still the internet connection is working, but its very unstable.

Image_ images_messages_61a7a932d2da7a2afa793896_12e1eac204a040969b26da4de3be73ca_92709-51ba221c-bb6f-4d4a-bcaa-033384656a93-3107782.jpg

Image_ images_messages_61a7a932d2da7a2afa793896_bf0922fe48377e541151c138dfd08e8f_89605-c8e92110-88fe-4a8c-bf4f-bdf0104fa99c-227919373.jpg

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Anyone figure out a solution to this?