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IP address of connected device

New Contributor

New to Ruckus as we have had all of our Cisco switches replaced with ICX switches.

I'm trying to find out how to find the IP address of connected devices. In Cisco, I enabled device-tracking on the ports and I could see the IP address of the device connected to the port.

Does something like that exist in the Ruckus world?




Hi @TCambridge 

Hope you are doing well ! 


One of the ways I think can be using the ARP table


ICX7250-24P Switch#show arp
Total number of ARP entries: 4
Entries in default routing instance:
No. IP Address MAC Address Type Age Port Status
1 3420.e323.9760 Dynamic 0 1/1/4 Valid
2 60d0.2c1c.1cd0 Dynamic 0 1/1/2 Valid
3 2479.2a25.ed00 Dynamic 0 1/1/3 Valid
4 0050.56ab.abd8 Dynamic 0 1/1/1 Valid

Show arp Ethernet x/x/x ( Where each x means   Unit  / module / port ) 

Example : 

ICX7250-24P Switch#show arp ethernet 1/1/2
1 60d0.2c1c.1cd0 Dynamic 0 1/1/2 Valid

If the device that is connected is compatible with LLDP you can enable lldp 

ICX7250-24P Switch# show lldp neighbors detail
Local port: 1/1/2
Neighbor: 60d0.2c1c.1cd0, TTL 104 seconds
+ Chassis ID (MAC address): 60d0.2c1c.1cd0
+ Port ID (MAC address): 60d0.2c1c.1cd0
+ Time to live: 120 seconds
+ System name : "RuckusAP"
+ System description : "Ruckus R710 Multimedia Hotzone Wireless AP/SW Version:"
+ System capabilities : bridge, WLAN access point, router
Enabled capabilities: bridge, WLAN access point
+ Management address (IPv4):
+ Port description : "eth0"
+ Link aggregation: capable, but not aggregated
+ 802.3 MAC/PHY : auto-negotiation enabled
Advertised capabilities: 10BaseT-HD, 10BaseT-FD, 100BaseTX-HD,
100BaseTX-FD, 1000BaseT-FD
Operational MAU type : 1000BaseT-FD
+ 802.3 Power via MDI: PD port + Unknown Organizationally-Specific TLV: OUI 000142, subtype 1
Value: (binary) "05"

Where is the IP address of the Access Point that is connected on port 1/1/2

Best Regards

Fernando Vasquez