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ICX7150-C08P SFP Uplink problem

New Contributor

Hi guys!

I have a partner configuring 7150-C08P (running 8.0.91t) connect to 7150-24P (.90d). It works if using RJ45 ports to connect. When using SFP 1G, the C08P end is up, -24P end is down (same result with all port). They use a 7150-12P to test with 7150-24P and everything is fine. Any suggestion for the problem with -C08P and -24P using 1G SFP link?

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Make sure that you set the speed correctly for the transceiver you are using.

New Contributor III

Hi Ha - Unidirectional link issues normally caused by bad SFP or cable. If the SFP is multimode make sure to use multimode fiber (blue), if it's single mode then use single mode fiber (orange). Swap the SFPs around to see if problem follow the port. Also try with a diff SFP and/or fiber.

Also like Tim mentioned make sure speed-duplex ( speed-duplex 1000-full) is set correctly on the port.

other useful commands to check:

show run int x/y/z

show int e x/y/z

show media e x/y/z

show media validation ethernet z/y/z

If you still having issues, please open a support case with us.



By the way MM fiber cables are typically orange but can be aqua and there are two different ones 50 micron and 62.5 micron make sure you are using the correct patch cables to match the if it is multimode fiber and the gbics support the multimode fiber as well.  Big difference in types of fiber as MM optics are actually LED's and Single Mode optics are true lasers.  Single mode is typically yellow or blue depending on if it is designed for 1gb or 10gb or higher.  Single mode is usually 9microns in diameter and capable of long distances up to 100K or more and 1-100GB.

Thank you Tim. You're right about the color code :).