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ICX switch 7150 won't power POE

New Contributor

After losing power, my ceiling WAPs stopped receiving power from the POE cable.

The internet is still feeding to the WAP units. I tested this by plugging the POE cable directly into my computer and the Internet works great. I have also tested the WAPs by plugging them in directly to a power source and they come back online and work great.

How do I get my switch unit to start pushing power to the WAP units again via the POE cable?

I have read through multiple troubleshooting posts nothing works


New Contributor

And yes, I have a Lennar home. It seems that customer service via community is non-existent just an avenue to be heard with no resolution.  Customer service via this Ruckus Lennar Support leads to a dead end.  Same ongoing issues reported and go unresolved.   Most of us do not have IT experience and we are expected to act as such.  Shame on you guys for not providing adequate customer service.  I have a bad Switch.  I truly hope you guys make this right.  

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Patty 

Thank you for reaching us.

For Lennar accounts we have a separate page where you can always feel free to reach us and post your queries. I did run through Lennar posts and could find that you have also posted on the Lennar portal page with the same query. 

Link of the post in Lennar Homes page in portal:

Please note each post on a Lennar support page is a case for the Lennar Support team when posted. They will look into the issue you are facing and will help you with resolving the issue you are facing. 

Please post and communicate only on the above link which is in Lennar community page to help you with your issue. I see that Jayavidhya is already working with you on the above link to help you resolve your issue.