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ICX Switches seem to Loop when setting SZ-Active

Contributor III
Good Afternoon,
Has anyone seen an issue where ICX switches running various Firmware will boot loop after being joined to an SZ server?
if I unplug the switch from the internet or disable SZ administration, the switch will stay up. But as soon as I plug the network back in, she crashes. 

SYSLOG: <14> Jun 25 15:30:44 CA-Giancola_Lab_112921 System: Stack unit 1 POE  PS 1, Internal Power supply  with 124000 mwatts capacity is up  

PoE Info: PoE module 1 of Unit 1 on ports 1/1/1 to 1/1/12 detected. Initializing....

2000 log entries of PoE Event Trace Log Buffer is allocated on unit 1 for unit 1 

PoE Event Trace Logging enabled for unit 1

PoE Info: PoE module 1 of Unit 1 initialization is done. 

SYSLOG: <14> Jun 25 15:31:40 CA-Giancola_Lab_112921 System: SSL server 54.x.x.x:443 is now connected 

stack: 01223640 011fe970 b6ba67c1 0051c830 0051cbd4 0052f678 013f7568 0052bd80 011f6b5c b6d1a195 

[  121.869969] [BrcdSoftlockup]: sim_softwatchdog thread is detached on core=0 

Application received signal -> SIGNUM#11

Tuning CFS scheduler parameters...

Copying fitrace errorlog file to flash


Thu Jun 25 20:31:42 UTC 2020: Dumping core file to /tmp.gz, this will take couple of minutes ...

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Thu Jun 25 20:35:14 UTC 2020: Core file collected as /tmp.gz, processing the core file ...

Thu Jun 25 20:35:14 UTC 2020: Removing the oldest core file:core_828-15_2020-06-25_20-20-57.gz of size 7428 kbytes

seq 16

Thu Jun 25 20:35:15 UTC 2020: Calculating checksum: core_828-17_2020-06-25_20-35-15.gz

Thu Jun 25 20:35:15 UTC 2020: Checking integrity of core_828-17_2020-06-25_20-35-15.gz

Thu Jun 25 20:35:33 UTC 2020: Moving core_828-17_2020-06-25_20-35-15.gz of size 7436 KB to flash, with available space of 1281820 KB...

Thu Jun 25 20:36:17 UTC 2020: Core saved as /fast_iron/cores/core_828-17_2020-06-25_20-35-15.gz.

Moving system log files to persistent memory

Core collection and system log collection completed, rebooting the switch ...

Sent SIGKILL to all processes

Requesting system reboot

[  401.610368] reboot: Restarting system

[  401.654264] Asserting GHPIO[7] reset sequence from Kernel ...

Ruckus Wireless Bootloader: 10.1.14T225 (Nov 15 2018 - 04:59:18 -0800)

Booted from partition 1

DRAM:  Validate Shmoo parameters stored in flash ..... OK


ICX7150-12 (POE), PVT1 

SYS CPLD VER: 0x4 Released Ver: 0xa 

Writing Shmoo values into flash .....

device 0 offset 0x0, size 0xc0000

Enter 'b' to stop at boot monitor:  0 

device 0 offset 0x0, size 0xc0000

bootdelay: ===

Booting image from Primary

NAND read: device 0 offset 0x0, size 0x2000000