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ICX Switch is Disconnected

New Contributor


I moved into a Lennar home a few months ago. I'm trying to setup my network:

ATT Gateway (BGW210-700) -> OpenWrt router -> ICX 7150-C12P  -> 2 R510 APs with:

- Gateway -> OpenWrt router: IP Passthrough

- OpenWrt router -> ICX 7150-C12P: ethernet from a LAN port on the router to port #1 on the ICX 7150-C12P.

- ICX 7150-C12P -> 2 R510 APs: POE

Is the above setup seems reasonable?

While Internet is available via the 2 APs, the switch is showing as disconnected on the Unleashed admin dashboard with the following message:

ICX Switch is Disconnected

MAC Address:
IP Address:
Failed to ping ICX Suggest checking the network.
How do I fix this so that I can use wired internet?




We would need to understand the switch code, config, etc. to really help here. In Lennar deployments our ICX switch should just be switching packets at layer 2; very basic from our standpoint. We are not using any of the fancy features that are available as an enterprise router. I would suggest opening a support case (see my signature) if you need assistance . 

Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer

Can you clarify how can I obtain these information: switch code, config?

Also when I login via the Unleashed app, it asks for the Switch username and password. I’ve tried the main username and password that I used to login to Manage Network but it didn’t work out. Do you have any instruction to reset the switch password?

New Contributor

The console port on switches like the ICX don't connect to a standard rj45 network port. They use a special pin out. They are essentially serial ports with a different connector. You can use a USB to rj45 console cable or use a USB C january to connect to the usb c yearly 2023 calendar port which essentially functions as a built in adapter.

There is an amazing guide on serve the home for brocade switches. That is a fantastic switch and access point for home use. If you are not satisfied with the coverage and performance of the r710 especially I would be very suprised.

can you share the link to the guide?