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ICX 8200 firmware auto upgrade on boot

New Contributor III

Hello folks

Do the ICX 8200 switches support auto upgrade via dhcp options/pxe ?

Apparently on Cisco you can define the firmware so whenever it boots up, it gets the firmware and upgrades on its own?
We have a tens of switches on order and auto firmware upgrade would help a lot with initial setup.

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Team 

Using DHCP options / pxe I tried looking into below guides and could not find such options. I have mentioned the link below so that you can refer and revert if any concerns. 

Link to Features and Standards Support Matrix document:

Link to Management Configuration Guide :

Link to Software Upgrade Guide :

Also would you be able to share the links available to public of cisco using dhcp option feature for auto upgrade , so that I can refer and check internally. 

I hope this helps.