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ICX-7750 DHCP Server on a specific VLAN

New Contributor

I have a ICX-7750 that has 4 vlans, is there a way to turn on DHCP server for just one specific vlan and it assign IP addresses to just that vlan without interfering with the other vlans? I need this vlan to have its own different IP addresses from the other vlans.


New Contributor III

DHCP is vlan specific as it’s a broadcast, so when you define the option 3 (GW) that’s the only vlan that will hear and receive addresses. 

ie, port 1 in vlan 10 and you configure vlan 10 dhcp pool, devices in any other vlan won’t receive any. 

RUCKUS Team Member

Hello Brian, 

It can be possible, please refer to this link below:

Please let me know if you had any questions

With regards,
Orlando Elias
Technical Support