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ICX 7750-48 configuration question

New Contributor

Hi All,

I need to configure and deploy an ICX 7750-48 port switch as an Edge switch and uplink it to an Extreme 5420 switch core switch.   Normally we use an ICX 6450 as an Edge layer 2 switch but these are now no longer in use and need to urgent configure the 7750 instead.  

Is it possible to convert it to a layer 2 switch ?  I noticed I cannot give the switch an IP address.  




RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Jay01

Thank you for reaching us.

Yes you can use 7750 as a layer 2 switch. Validate the code running in the switching using "show version" command.

If you notice the code is a "SWR" its a router code and if its a "SWS" its a switch code. 

You can also check "show flash" to see if the SWS code is in primary or secondary flash of the switch.

If you see the "SWS" code in one of the flash then use the below command to boot the switch from that flash.

  • device# boot system flash <primary or secondary>

If both flash have SWR image then you would have to upgrade the switch to run in SWS code to have it just as a L2 switch.

Other option is the use "SWR" code and use the setup mentioned in the link below. It will help you do the initial settings in SWR code. The switch model is different but the configuration would remain the same. 


View solution in original post


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Jay01

Ack and Thank you for reaching us.

Please check the below details when you are trying to work on checking reachability on directly connected links 

  • Check if the interface which is connected to the uplink is Up 
  • Validate if the port settings like tag and untag for vlan remains same 
  • Also validate if the configuration in 6540 matches the configuration in 7600 switch
  • Also use the commands mentioned above in previous post with regard to media details to note on the link status

The basic configuration on Layer 2 and Layer 3 would remain the same for both models irrespective of version changes.