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ICX 7150 upgrade

New Contributor

I did understand that there is a two tier approach to upgrade the firmware to the latest UFI code.

The recommended SW is:

I assume the R means router image:

I did not recieved the hardware yet, i plan to upgrade my customers campus with 5x 7150 in ring topology / (remote) stack configuration.

Depending on the default sw, i would need to downgrade /upgrade to the 8080e code before attempting to upgrade to 8090 or 8092? 
We do not plan to use zone director, because customers campus is possibly to small for such requirement, then the 8092 is the most future proof image at this moment in time?

The cusotmer may be interested in LAG groups, that is why he would need the router image, because that is a layer 3 feature - is that correct?

Without the router image, the 7150 cant configure LAG on his access ports?  

Stacking /Trunking is not influenced by the choice of sw image (switch /router)?