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ICX 7150 missing address command

New Contributor III

When I try to add an IP address (IP Address I get invalid command for Address.

Looking in the menu of the IP command, there is no Address command listed.

How can I add an IP Address if there's not Address command?



New Contributor III

With all the information you've given me, I was able to install the 8080f image and set the IP address, subnet, etc...  Now I just need to update to the latest firmware.  Thank you so much for all the help.

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New Contributor III

Although I am not new to switches and CLI, I am new to Ruckus.  This was the first Ruckus switch that I upgraded.  I am not familiar with the difference between SPR and SPS but it sounds like I used the wrong image.  Here's the information from a switch in another building.



We all start somewhere!

SPS - switching image

SPR - routing image

'show version' will tell you which one you are actually running. 'show flash' will show you what is stored in both partitions. You could certainly stick with the routing image if you would like, but your addressing strategy would need to change.  As @pmonardo alluded, you could do something like this:


device(config)# vlan 1 name
device(config-vlan-1)# router-interface ve 1
device(config-vlan-1)# interface ve 1
device(config-vif-1)# ip address

 You would then also need a default route:

device(config)# ip route <gateway-ip-address>

Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer

New Contributor III

I have 4 buildings with the same switches.  I don't want to change the setup on just one of them.  I am going to try reimaging it.  Thank you for all your input.  It helped a lot.



New Contributor III

Why do the other switches in the other buildings have both an SPR and an SPS image listed?



Out of the box, they generally have switching image on one partition and routing partition on the other. There is no issue with this. Once you start upgrading from patch to patch, it is common to have your old code image in secondary flash. You can issue something like 'copy fl fl secondary' to copy the primary image to secondary flash if you want them to match. 

Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer