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ICX 7250 update image error

New Contributor

Hello Ruckus,

I'm having errors after installing image for ICX 7250-24p after SPS08050.bin, tried 61c,70h, and 90k. am I missing a step as in is there other things i have to do in order to update?


thank you



Hey @bsklaris 

What code are you going from ('show version') and heading to? I would not advise running 8050. If you are on older code you can use 8080f as an intermediate step. 

Since we are jumping code streams and we have also changed the format of our images, let me just go ahead and lay it out for you:

While on 8030-8070 the commands will be:

copy tftp flash <ip address of TFTP server> <boot-code-image> boot
copy tftp flash <ip address of TFTP server> <OS-code-image> <primary/secondary>

Example for 8030 > 8080f (assuming router code and ICX7250)

copy tftp flash spz10114.bin boot
copy tftp flash SPR08080f.bin primary
wr mem
*reload into 8080f*

Once booted to 8080f:

*wait for POE firmware upgrade if applicable - happens automatically and can be seen on console or 'show log'*

wr mem (this is necessary to ensure your configuration is upgraded as syntax can change)
copy tftp flash <ip address of TFTP server> <UFI-code-image> <primary/secondary>

Example for 8080f > 8095g (assuming router code and ICX7250 again)

copy tftp flash SPR08095gufi.bin primary
wr mem
*reload into 8095g*
wr mem
*if needed, POE firmware will upgrade again*

If you still need additional assistance, please open a support case (see my signature) and we can help you. 


Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer

New Contributor

Hello BenDeck,

thank you a lot, this has help me to update my images and boot use disk0. I was only updating the images which caused my device turn to bricks, i do still have issue on on TFTP, was trying to TFTP using my laptop on a TFTP application but would get a error code 5, its plugged in management, its plugged in my nic laptop and static assign IPs for both, I'm able to ping each other but wont work. If you know step process on setting up TFTP, configuring NIC and switch that I may be miss 

Hey @bsklaris 

If you can ping, but it isn't working, your firewall may be blocking tftp port. You can try disabling the firewall during transfer or allowing the tftp program in firewall rules.

Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer