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ICX 7150 Switch Not connected and intermittent restart on switch + access points

New Contributor II

I scoured these forums after learning that there was no longer email/phone support for Lennar Ruckus customers. 

After doing some learning, below is the steps I've taken to try to address the issue.

As I was on SPS08080d.bin, I followed the guide to update to SPS08080f.bin and subsequently the latest version SPS08095kufi.bin.

I also enabled the web portal so I could log in there for additional options to access.

There wasn't any sort of power outage recently

Issue: I still see the switch as disconnected when connecting to Unleashed / main access point.


upgrade guide -


putty guide


set up web portal access

reset super user password

  • need access to switch

  • need USB to USB C connection

  • need putty on Serial

    • find the correct COM# by going into device manager and plugging in device

    • cycle through the options on the switch to USB

  • power cycle the switch and when it says 'press b to interrupt boot' - press 'b'

    • when the prompt comes up, enter 'no password'

    • then boot via 'boot'

To set super user password

  • once connected in putty in Telnet / SSH / Serial

    • enable super user by typing 'enable'

    • configure terminal 'conf t'

    • 'enable super-user-password [ password ]'

    • 'write memory' to save