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ICX 7150 12 sfp ports is down

RUCKUS Team Member

I have an ICX 7150 switch that has several Cisco switches connected, previously the links between these switches were through fiber, but after a power failure the links continue to link but on the Ruckus switch it appears as down the interfaces, this only happens with the sfp interfaces.





RUCKUS Team Member

Hi SoGo_IsAe

Thank you for reaching us 

Could you please share output of 

  • Show media validation 
  • Show optic <interface number > // refer below link

Also try to move the links to a different available ports to isolate L1 Issue. 

Also run through the below link which uses "optical monitor " to check on fiber links and share above output after enabling optical monitor the the ports that concerns you 

Link : 

I hope the above link helps 

You can also feel free to log a case with us using below link: