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ICX 7450 - Unable to save configuration. Flast to Flash Error

New Contributor II
Recently I'm having problems saving changes to an ICX 7450-24 stand alone switch (firmware  08.0.90T213):
#write memory

 There is no startup config file, unable to save legacy config
flash_fcreat: Failed to create file startup-config.txt
Error - failed to create startup-config.

Flash to Flash Error.

Trying to display the startup-config fails 'cause is empty.

#show configuration
INFO: empty config data in the primary area, try to read from backup
INFO: empty config data in the backup area also

#show flash
Stack unit 1:
  Compressed Pri Code size = 32454872, Version:08.0.90T213
  Compressed Sec Code size = 32454872, Version:08.0.90T213
  Compressed Boot-Monitor Image size = 786944, Version:10.1.15T215
  Code Flash Free Space = 1779937280

#show files
Type       Size   Name
F        32454872 primary
F        32454872 secondary

       64909744 bytes 2 File(s) in FI root

     1779937280 bytes free in FI root
     1777840128 bytes free in /

Any idea?


Is possible that the flash memory is corrupted or damaged.

I would save the configuration in a text file and contact TAC in order to see if the flash memory is damaged and get it replaced if needed.


New Contributor III
I'm having the same issue, was a solution found?  thanks..Lou

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi All,
Hope you are doing Great.

Please open a tac case to work on this issue.
Please use following link to open a TAC case:

Hope this helps

New Contributor

having the same issue on a switch not even a year old.  Ruckus support "You don't have support entitlement"....

Why someone would go for these over Cisco of any flavor is beyond me.