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How to set static IP for ICX 7150 C-12P switch through web interface

Contributor II
Hi there.  I went through the steps in the quick set up guide to add a password and enable the web interface using Putty and telnet as I do not possess the necessary console lead.  All was well and I got the web interface up and running with my chosen username and password. 

Unfortunately I closed the script box before adding a static IP as I assumed this could be done on the web-interface.  However, it doesn't seem possible to add the static IP on the web interface and now putty won't connect me, presumably because I have added a username and password. 

To get a console lead is a mail order and a 2 week wait as I live overseas.  Is there another fix?  The online manual isn't helpful as it seems to be for a router not this switch and there is different functionality for adding a static IP address.

Or is this just putty being unreliable?

Many thanks. 

RUCKUS Team Member
Do you have an dynamic IP address assigned to switch and remember the credentials set ? 
Identifying the IP address that has been assigned to the switch can be done by viewing the address assignment list on the DHCP server or by the switch serial interface using the show ip command.


Contributor II
Thanks Jijo - will continue on the other thread,.