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How to set static IP for ICX 7150 C-12P switch through web interface

Contributor II
Hi there.  I went through the steps in the quick set up guide to add a password and enable the web interface using Putty and telnet as I do not possess the necessary console lead.  All was well and I got the web interface up and running with my chosen username and password. 

Unfortunately I closed the script box before adding a static IP as I assumed this could be done on the web-interface.  However, it doesn't seem possible to add the static IP on the web interface and now putty won't connect me, presumably because I have added a username and password. 

To get a console lead is a mail order and a 2 week wait as I live overseas.  Is there another fix?  The online manual isn't helpful as it seems to be for a router not this switch and there is different functionality for adding a static IP address.

Or is this just putty being unreliable?

Many thanks. 

On my 7150-c12 switch I login to the web interface and scroll down to the config section and under system, there is an IP address option.  Click Ip address and then input an IP address. 

Contributor II
I'm a bit of a novice so hope this doesn't sound dumb.  I have two identical Ruckus 7150-c12 switches.  The second I configured properly with a static IP using Telnet, having learnt from my error setting up the first.  The second fell off my router's DHCP leased client list.  The one where I added the IP through the web interface looks like it's still a dynamic IP as it's still on my router's DHCP leased client list.

Depending on the lease time in your router's DHCP server you would see it there until the current lease expires.  Are you giving the switch the same IP address as it received from DHCP? 

I think this may be my router.  I just upgraded the firmware and restarted it and now the no 1 switch IP seems to have now disappeared from the leased DHCP client list.  Strange that Ruckus make you write scripts to get access to the Web interface and even stranger that they suggest using scripts to set the static IP if it can be done from Web interface.  Is this because most people just use the switch plug n play?  I'm guessing so.  Many thanks.