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High CPU usage - 7150-48ZP

New Contributor


We have a 7150-48ZP switch on firmware SPR09010f which is primarily used for access points. Over the past week it has been alerting 30% and 50% CPU usage every few minutes. It has been fine prior to this. Could someone advise on what the cause could be or where I can go to check for any errors? The show log command doesn't appear to show much.

Any help appreciated!


New Contributor

Also noticed that multicast and broadcast traffic changed a fair amount following on from the spikes:

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi ctg24, 

Apologies for the delay in reverting.
The CPU spikes seem to overlap with the spike in traffic that was seen. 
checking on the data that was collected : the system itself is not reporting issues due to loops. 

Could you check once with : show ip ssh session 
Check how many sessions are active or dormant. if there are more than 2 : one for the SSH you have connected to and one for the SZ,.
then, if possible,  could you try : kill ssh all : over console : and check if that reduces the CPU?

If the switch is connected to SZ, it will disconnect. and it should reform the connections. 

If the same does not fix the issue : then the issue is traffic and/or network related. 
I would like to ask you to open a ticket with us so that we can take a look and assist with it. 

reach here to open ticket with us :