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Firmware Upgrade for Brocade ICX7450

New Contributor


I recently purchased 4 ICX 7450 switches. The make is by Brocade not Ruckus. Is it possible to use the current stable firmware with these switches. I read that it is supported, but I am getting errors trying to write to flash.

"The code type 64 is not correct for the target hardware, abort!"
"File type check failed"
"TFTP to Flash Error - code 8"



Hey @kransom 

Yes, you can. Please double-check the image type. If you are coming from very old code, you may need to use 8080f as a step upgrade. The upgrade process will look like this:

*SPR image denotes routing code while SPS denotes switching code. You can check in 'show version'

While on 8030-8070 the commands will be:

copy tftp flash <ip address of TFTP server> <boot-code-image> boot
copy tftp flash <ip address of TFTP server> <OS-code-image> <primary/secondary>

Example for 8061 > 8080f (assuming router code and ICX7450)

copy tftp flash spz10114.bin boot
copy tftp flash SPR08080f.bin primary
wr mem
*reload into 8080f*

Once booted to 8080f:

*wait for POE firmware upgrade if applicable - happens automatically and can be seen on console or 'show log'*

wr mem (this is necessary to ensure your configuration is upgraded as syntax can change)
copy tftp flash <ip address of TFTP server> <UFI-code-image> <primary/secondary>

Example for 8080f > 8095m (assuming router code and ICX7450 again)

copy tftp flash SPR08095mufi.bin primary
wr mem
*reload into 8095m*
wr mem
*if needed, POE firmware will upgrade again*

If this resolved your issue, please click 'accept as solution'. 


Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer

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