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Default VLAN, Switch Management via SSH, and NEXUS compatability

New Contributor III

Hi all,

We recently installed a pair of Cisco NEXUS 3500 switches at the core of our LAN network. Prior to installing the Cisco devices, we had used VLAN 1 for a bunch of stuff... all ICX switches had an IP address assigned to them on VE1 (on VLAN1) and were accessible via SSH and were connected to Ruckus Cloud. We also had VLAN 1 going across trunks (untagged, as it is by default) between between our access switches and main switches in our server room. We do have other VLANS being used, but VLAN 1 was always there, and was used by default, unless we explicitly put something on a different VLAN.

Anyway, with the install of the NEXUS devices, were were not getting any traffic from VLAN 1 to go across our trunks anymore, which was causing problems as it was what we used by default. To resolve this we changed the default VLAN on all of our ICX switches to a new VLAN, which would then allow us to tag VLAN 1 on the uplinks / trunks. 

While this got end user traffic going again, it broke our ability to manage the ICX switches over the network - the IP addresses assigned to VE1 on the ICX devices no longer responds, since it seems to be associated with the switch's default VLAN, and the default VLAN can't be tagged (as far as I can tell) on a trunk port, so it will never be visible to the core NEXUS switches.

Now, I am very unfamiliar with the NEXUS devices, and they are setup in a particular way (not a stack, an HSRP config) so I am being extremely cautious with making any changes to them... I am just wondering if there is a good way to get my ICX switches reconfigured to work with the NEXUS stuff - and restore my ability to manage them via SSH - or even better - get them reconnected to Ruckus Cloud.

Does this make sense? 

I appreciate any advice;