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FastIron 09.0.00 Software & Radius Privilege Mode

New Contributor

Hey everyone,

just yesterday I updated a Testswitch (7250) from 08.0.95 to the 09.0.10 Software Version.

In before I read the Release Notes and saw that the Privilege Login Mode is deprecated in Version 09.x.x.

After looking through the configuration and getting used to it, i was wondering how i can reenable Radius Login, which gets me directly into Privilege Mode but I just couldnt figure it out.

We are using a Windows Radius NPS Server. Before with the 

aaa authentication login privilege-mode

you got directly in to Privilege Mode. Has anyone of you figured this out yet and can help on this? 

Thank you so much




Starting with 9.x, you are no longer allowed to log in to privilege mode directly. The prior command was deprecated as you stated. There have been quite a few changes in this area with security being a bit more strictly enforced. You can check out the 9.0.10 security guide for all available options. Let me know if you have any questions/concerns. 

Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer