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Data and Voice Vlan

New Contributor II
I have a two windows 2016 dhcp server  One for voice ( and one for data ( vlan. Phone and a PC on the same port. Can you pleas help me to 
1. Configure Vlan(Data and Voice)
2. Once i connect phone automatically pick IP from voice dhcp and PC will pick IP from Data dhcp
3. trunk between two switch (ICX7150-48ZP-E2X10G)
Thank you.

New Contributor II
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New Contributor II
Could you be more specific on which parts are not working? Do you have an option 150 in the DHCP pool to point the phone to the PBX or are your phones statically configured? DO the PCs get an IP Address on the Data VLAN? Do the switches have basic communication between each other? If you only plug in a PC does it get an IP and work?