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Crestron DM NVX Network Requirements on Ruckus ICX 7150 switches

New Contributor

We are implementing a signage solution where our AV team is using a product called Visix.  They are using Crestron NVX for the (in their words) "transport" portion of the solution.  I was given a document outlining the requirements for the network switches (Ruckus ICX 7150 48PF 4X10GR's).

The solution utilizes a multicast VLAN and has the following requirements:

IGMPv2 snooping enabled (globally or on the vlan - the vlan is recommended if the switch carries other vlans)
IGMPv2 querier enabled - (recommend only 1 on the network)
Fast-leave enabled

In the case of traffic that spans multiple switches (ours does), they say:
uplinks must be properly configured to support multicast traffic.

So to that end I have enabled the following on all of the switches in this solution on the vlan designated for multicast:
vlan 32 name "NVX Multicast" by port
multicast passive
multicast fast-leave-v2
multicast version 2

The querier in our case is an existing HP Aruba 3810 switch and so I have not defined a querier on the Ruckus switches.

My question is, are the settings above the correct way to implement IGMP snooping and fastleave?  The reason for the question is, when I try to 'sh IP igmp ......' on any of the ruckus switches, it tells me IGMP is disabled.  BUT, the solution seems to be working.  However, if I do a 'sh IP multicast traffic' (or other commands) it does return information.  I just want to make sure that it is enabled correctly on these switches.  I am very new to ICX switching. 


Any info is helpful and appreciated.  Thanks.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Dspjones

Ack and Noted. Thanks for your inputs. 

I did try to check this in a Lab switch. I suppose below is the message you are referring to.

switch 2 core(config)#show ip igmp settings
IGMP is not enabled

I tried executing "no ip igmp version 2" to see if that would be displayed in the running config. Because as per document "ip igmp version 2" is enabled by default and giving "no ip igmp version 2" we would view this command in the  running config.

I am unable to see any details populate in the running configuration

The configuration you have configured is correct but to view the details related to IGMP , please use below commands related to multicast which is mostly similar to what we view when we execute "show ip igmp"

Device# show ip multicast ?
cluster multicast cluster info
error IGMP snooping error
group all or specific groups
mac-mcache multicast mac forwarding cache for IGMP snooping
mcache multicast forwarding cache for IGMP snooping
mvr Show multicast mvr
optimization IGMP/PIM Snooping Optimization
pimsm-snooping Show PIMSM Snooping
resource IGMP snooping resource
static-mcache-profile Show all or specific profile
traffic IGMP snooping traffic
vlan IGMP snooping status of vlan

Let me check on this internally and leave you a message. 

You can also log a P3 or P4 case with us if you have any concerns related to the command

Link :


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Dspjones

I did check in regards to the difference with respect to the commands in concern internally. 

For layer 2 multicast we use the show ip multicast commands. 

IGMP can be enabled globally with "ip igmp", but that'll require multicast routing, then you can use the "show ip igmp" commands

In this case since only layer 2 multicast is used could be the reason why you see that igmp details show disabled. 

I hope this helps answer your query.