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BROCADE ICX 7150router mode not working

New Contributor

I upgraded my flash to use option 66 for VOIP.
I attempted to delete the start configuration but I missed up and deleted the primary and secondary settings.
It booted to uboot mode, I discovered how to use the TFTP server and got the switch to come backup.
However as of right now, I can boot to secondary but I still don't have the router-interface option.
Please assist.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello Rose, 

The switch normally has 2 images one for routing and one for switching. They are represented by this SPS -switching SPR-routing which can vary from one model to another. If you enter show version you will know which version you are currently using and if you enter show flash you will know if you have SPS or SPR in any of the partitions. 

Can you please explain to me what do you mean when you say that " I can boot to secondary but I still don't have the router-interface option" do you mean that the SPR image is not present in the switch? If that is the case you can download the image for SPR and use the TFTP server to upgrade the software for the primary or secondary partition. 

Best Regards,

Ayleth Alvarez | Sr Technical Support Engineer | TAC Wired 


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Team 

Just adding to the post . " I can boot to secondary but I still don't have the router-interface option " i suppose you mean that you can boot from secondary but are unable to run any router commands . If that is the case you can follow what Ayleth mentioned that is 

  • Run "Show version " and check if the firmware is SPS or SPR 

Link reference :

You can also use "show flash" command to note the firmware in your secondary and primary flash 

Link reference :

If you find that your image in primary flash is empty or different you can use the below command to copy the image from secondary to primary 

  • Copy flash flash primary 

Link reference :

I hope this helps 




RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Rose, 

Adding to the details shared across, using the commands mentioned, once its confirmed that you have SPR version of code on the switch, you would need to have the interfaces enabled with : route-only : on them. 

that would bring up the interfaces/port in Router-interface mode. 

If the version is not SPR version of code, when booted from the secondary, 

Follow these steps to upload a SPR version of code to the switch and then get the switch booted in that version. 


Using the USB method of file transfer,


Have a USB drive :

formatted in FAT32 

make sure the Image file is copied in directly to the drive and not in any folder on the drive 

and have the drive is connected on the switch


In the enable prompt / or the privilege prompt

Follow the below commands,

mount disk0

show files disk0 >>>>>>>> this should show all files listed here

copy disk0 flash Filename.bin primary

wait till sync of flash(s) on all member happen

wr mem

boot system flash primary 

show version 


once you see the switch booted in SPR version of code : try the route-only command on the interfaces : that should help  you bring up the router-interfaces. 


Conf t 

int eth port number




and that should do : post this you would be able to use it as routed port. 


Let us know if it helps