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Access Sonos from a different VLAN

New Contributor II
We currently have installed a Draytek Vigor 2952, 9x Ruckus ICX 7150 and a Ruckus ZD1200 with 9 Ruckus R510 access points.

The Sonos units are in VLAN9 with the Crestron touch panels and we're trying to get the Sonos units to play from VLAN5 which is the "Owner" VLAN. The VLANS are set up and working just fine, the only problem we have is with Sonos. Any ideas or pointers why can't we see the Sonos units from VLAN5 ?

Thank you,

New Contributor II
Thanks for your replies guys, really helpful. Although we decided to go on a different route I will definitely try your method Logan in the office or on the next job.
Logan just out of curiosity are you from Habitech ?

New Contributor III
I am indeed, Im going with Alpha touch as a guess 🙂
Just signed up to the forums recently for stuff i needed help with.

New Contributor II
I thought your name was familiar, I remembered it because you dialed in on my laptop a couple of days ago to help me with a problem on site. Thanks for that by the way !