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WPA 2 Enterprise

New Contributor
We're looking for a solution to provide better security for our wireless network.  We of course wished to use WPA-2 Enterprise with a certificate four our campus - a small college campus with student residences.  We don't like the idea of WPA-2 as the single PSK is very open to compromise due to the check box on the Windows 10 Wireless setting to 'unhide' the password.  DPSK is going to be a nightmare as our students are learning disabled and trying to manage DPSKs for 400+ students and 200+ faculty and staff.  And changing students every 3 to 4 months compounds that can of crazy. 

We are using Bradford Campus Manager, so we could  leverage it's capabilities.  I just don't know where to go there.

We are running virtual Smart Zone

Anyone have a suggestion?  Is WPA-2 Enterprise on the horizon? 

Valued Contributor II

consider cloudpath. Read below datasheet for more..