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Can I configure time-based access policies in Ruckus Zoneflex R500 Unleashed Access Points?

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Good afternoon,

Let's say I have six Ruckus ZoneFlex R500 Unleashed Access Points. I want to configure 2 wireless network names (SSIDs) in each Access Point. One SSID is for students, and the other SSID is for teachers. 

I also want to configure time-based access policies for the SSIDs. Students can only access the Wi-Fi from 9 AM to 6 PM every day while teachers can access the Wi-Fi 24x7 everyday.

Can I do this with-out a wireless controller like the Ruckus Zone Director 1200?????

If I can do without a wireless controller like the Zone Director, please advise how I can implement time-based access policies on the Access Point. Implement a Master Access-Point and Standby-Master Access Point? Please point me to the relevant deployment scenarios and configuration guides.

Thank you very much.


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WiFi Networks -> (select your network) -> Edit -> Show Advanced -> Priority -> Service Schedule (Select specific) -> Mark time when students network should be on -> OK

Students network will be available and broadcasted only in selected time periods.

Dear MaciejL,

Are these settings on the R500 or on the Zone Director?

Thank you for your reply.

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On Unleashed Master AP