Cloudpath Enrollment System (ES)
RUCKUS Cloudpath Enrollment System (ES) automated, secure Wi-Fi onboarding and policy-driven access control.
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Cloudpath DPSK Pool Questions

I am tired of dealing with Apple and others making changes that cause issues with our certificate based authentication.  Apple recently changed how the profile gets installed in iOS 12.3 which is causing our users to go through extra steps to get the...

command to know ports

In one switch some of cctv are not working ,  I have cctv mac address and ip address , but I don’t know on which port they are connected ,can anyone let me know  command from which ii can identify those cctv ports.

ICX and captive portal

Hello everybody. I'm trying to have my ICX7150 (08.0.80) working with an external captive portal. My device connected to eth 1/1/11 receives an IP address an if it manually open the captive portal page it works, but ... no way to have it displayed au...