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Cloudpath DPSK Pool Questions

New Contributor III
I am tired of dealing with Apple and others making changes that cause issues with our certificate based authentication.  Apple recently changed how the profile gets installed in iOS 12.3 which is causing our users to go through extra steps to get their device enrolled.  We experimented early on with DPSK which would have worked but our SZ100 controllers won't support enough DPSK's for all of our users.  I see now that I can create a DPSK pool in Cloudpath but I can't find any information on it.  How do I configure that to work with the SZ and what are the limits as far as number of keys?

Contributor II
Hi John,
In CloudPath, you can access the guide by clicking Support > Documentation > and under Special Topics is "Ruckus External Dynamic Pre-Shared Key (eDPSK)" guide.
There is no official limit - that's not to say its unlimited though, just that the scale numbers haven't been qualified.  I think its safe to say it should handle most use-case limitations.

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New Contributor III
Thank you for the help!  How do I submit a feature request?  Right now it looks like CloudPath sends the guid for the DPSK back to the SmartZone and that guid is what is populated in the User Name field in the controller.  I would like an option to have CloudPath send the name of the user that created the DPSK so that we have some visibility as to which users are currently on the network.

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Maybe this guide might help you determine if external Radius (non-cloudpath) will help?