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r700 AP reboot 5-7 minutes

New Contributor

I have a ZD 3000 going using a Cisco SG300-52 POE for 2 r700 AP.
Everything is on the same network and there is no VLANing.

All firmware is updated. When they are on, the signal is strong with a transmit rate of 450.

But I'm having what Ruckus is calling a Hearbeat issue. About every 5-7 minutes the APs power cycle themselves cause they are not talking to the ZD.

Thought it might be the cable runs, so i plugged them direct into the switch and got the same issue.

Anyone have anything like this?


New Contributor III
Vince, Check for the reboot reason in support info of R700

Valued Contributor

So before these 5-7 minutes it is mentioned as connected on the zonedirector ?

This is important to know.


New Contributor II
I have had issues the those Cisco switches not providing enough power. Make sure that you do not have Green Ethernet turned on. Also I would try using a power injector on one of the APs that is rebooting and see if it stops.


Esteemed Contributor II
Do the logs on the ZoneDirector say your APs are losing heartbeats and reconnect
with short uptimes (< 2 min)? This would support power cycle problems on the PoE
switch to explore further.

Use current firmware on the ZD/R700s too, and turn off 5G background
scanning after it has run for a period of time (long enough for APs to all move off
original channel 149). If problems persist, feel free to open a ticket with Tech Supt.