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Availability of R700 meshing?

Valued Contributor II
I've been toying with the idea of using SmartMesh to extend the range of my network a bit. A single R700 is giving me excellent throughput on desktops/laptops, but on 1 stream mobile devices like smartphones, there's still some spots with poor coverage.

Unfortunately there's no wired backhaul on the premises, and attempting to use power line ethernet resulted in horrible drop outs when appliances turn on and off, which is out of my control.

According to the 9.8.1 release notes, meshing is still not available on R700. Is there a plan for when it will be available?

Valued Contributor
I would suggest you reconsider using MESH at all and try to pull cable to the other AP.

But if there really is no alternative I'd maybe consider 2 aditional APs for MESH only. Maybe use 7372-Es with highly directional antennas, lock them to a 40MHz channel and forbid R700s to go on thos channels, and don't broadcast any SSIDs on those 7372s.

Valued Contributor II
Yeah, I understand the limitations of meshing, and have played with it on 7982's pretty extensively. But it is one of my more viable options (running ethernet is not practical). Not wanting to resort to meshing is why I tried the power line networking route first.

Contributor III
Dropping in 7982s until the R700 (or a future replacement for it) gets mesh capability is not desirable?

How 'bout a smaller AP like a 7055?

I think Primoz is proposing that you connect 2 APs back-to-back so you can combine the mesh solution you're looking for with the AC capability of the R700 at the cost of an additional AP.

Did that solve your problem?

Valued Contributor II
I don't really have enough 7982's lying around to do that. But if the answer is "don't hold your breath for R700 meshing", sure, then I would consider an alternate approach with a different backhaul or pairs of R700's and meshed 7982's.