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7762 poor/erratic performance for apartment buildings

New Contributor II
We have several 7762s mounted in covered exterior hallways to service a couple of small apartment buildings.

What is the expected range through walls for the 7762s?

We are only seeing good signal and throughput through the first wall, but past the second wall signal and throughput drop fairly dramatically. Construction is standard stick-built.

RF pollution ranges from 50 - 150 and the estimated capacities on several of the APs is 5000 or less.

What kinds of things should we be looking at?

New Contributor III
When deploying an AP you should take into account both coverage and capacity but in the other hand you should be aware of the medium, for example how high the SNR is.

Some other factors to take care of are:

RF pollution
Other nearby Wi-Fi networks , mainly if you are using 2.4 GHz band
Any other device that uses the same frequencie, Again mainly in 2.4 GHz band
You can always use a protocol analyzer and look for high retransmissions, hidden node problems. among others.

Hope it helps


New Contributor II
Yeah, we went down that road and ended up relocating the APs...we had issues with interference and building materials (new construction). We're confident that our wireless is working well now. We also used Metageek's Wi-Spy spectrum analyzer - very nifty tool.