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miix 320 devices cannot detect wifi

New Contributor II
i have 70 windows 10 mobile devices Miix 320's

none of them can see any of my 4 SSID's though other devises can.

with wifi analser i can see both a 2.4 and 5g networks. wifi works on everything else.

i have updated to latest drivers and still nothing. 

any ideas anyone?

New Contributor II
Sorry I can confirm all our other devices connect without issue to all 4 ssids.

The devices in question work fine on other wifi.

But do not see any of the 4 ssids

This is puzzling... I would try to assign different channels to SSIDs. Also check to see that your Ruckus system is set to the proper locale.

I would boot one of the problem devices to a Ubuntu live CD (or USB) to eliminate some Windows Driver or Lenovo SafeConnect or some other software issue. If the Ubuntu sees the SSIDs, then you have a software issue... if not....